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OOFEM History and Credits

History | Credits

OOFEM has been under continuous development since 1997. The project started in 1993 as part of Borek Patzak PhD thesis on computational modeling of concrete structures. The initial source of inspiration at the beginning (1993), was FEM_Object program, written by T. Zimmermann and Y. Dubois-Pelerin, from which some ideas and routines are used.

Since then, the code has been further developped at Cech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Mechanics. In 2001 the project has been officially released under open-source licence and many developpers and users around the world have joined the OOFEM comminity and contributed to its development.

The people listed below have made significant contributions to oofem by working long and hard to make quality software for the rest of the world to use.

Bořek Patzák, (OOFEM Architect, Project Leader, coding, documentation, testing)
Zdeněk Bittnar (special thanks for valuable comments on the functionality and documentation)
Milan Jirásek, (Sloan renumbering, stimulating discussions)
Petr Bittnar, for valuable help with css
Simon Rolshoven, (Drucker Prager plasticity model)
Ladislav Svoboda, (hanging nodes, cct3d and tr_shell01 elements)
Jaroslav Kruis, (implementation of some elements)
Jiří Němeček, (microplane model implementation)
Peter Grassl, (truss2d improvements, damage-plastic model for concrete concreteDPM)
Richard Vondráček, (implementation of Direct Sparse Solver)
Jose E. Roman, Francisco Alvaro, (interface to SLEPc)
Růžena Chamrová, (implementation of XFEM support)
Daniel Rypl, (subdivision in 3D, cooperation on IGA module)
Vít Šmilauer, (homogenization, interface to CEMHYD3D, damage model for orthotropic materials)
Martin Horák, (OOFEM lieutenant, multi-physics problems, contact algorithms, geometrically non-linear formulations)
Petr Havlásek, (advanced implementation of B3 material model based on solidification theory)
Filip Kolařík, (P2P1 Taylor Hood element)
Mathieu Charlebois (Orthotropic elastoplastic model with isotropic damage)
Mikael Öhman (Developing multiscale models and models for surface tension driven free surface flows)
Jim Brouzoulis (Modeling delaminations and cracks using XFEM in composite shells)
Carl Sandström (Computational homogenization for coupling Stokes' flow with Darcy flow)
Martin Fagerström (Implementation of cohesive zone models for modelling of delamination in composites)
Erik Svenning (Modeling of cracks and fracture using XFEM)

If you would like to help OOFEM being better, there are number of ways how to contribute to OOFEM.

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