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Ask not what OOFEM can do for you,
ask what you can do for OOFEM!

  • When you use OOFEM, and especially if you use it to accomplish real work, I would like very much to hear from you. An official letter from your company with short description of OOFEM application can help us significantly when asking for further support.
  • Please consider telling you use OOFEM on the site. Be cool and join ohloh. Register and stack oofem. It makes the developers happy!
  • There are a number of ways that you can contribute to help make OOFEM a better FEM system. Perhaps the most important way to contribute is to write high-quality code to extend or improve the functionality, and to make your code freely available for others to use.
  • If you've already written a useful class or module for OOFEM that you would like to make available for others to use, please send it to the project e-mail Messages sent to this list will be seen by the maintainers, and will be considered for inclusion in future releases of OOFEM.
  • If you are not a programmer and cannot provide funding or contribute code, you can still help make OOFEM better and more reliable by reporting any bugs you find in the latest version and/or by offering suggestions for ways to improve OOFEM. The OOFEM developers appreciate to hear from you!
  • Last but not least, updates and contribution to the web pages and OOFEM WIKI are highly appreciated.

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