Adaptive Analysis of Three Point Bending Test

Constitutive Model Nonlocal Isotropic damage
Constitutive Properties E 30.e3  nu 0.3  e0 0.0001   ef 0.012  R 10.0 
Rankine equiv. strain measure
Error Indicator Damage level
Remeshing criteria Default mesh size (40) for regions with no damage. Inside damaged regions linear interpolation of mesh density, here taken as constant (10). Initial mesh created with mesh size 100.
Mesh Generator t3D (author Daniel Rypl)

Mesh 1 (24 nodes, 28 elements)
Mesh 2 (388 nodes, 713 elements)
Mesh 3 (396 nodes, 721 elements)
Mesh 4 (703  nodes, 1328 elements)

Load - displacement diagram for adaptive analysis, compared to diagram obtained for final mesh.


Damage evolution shown on adaptive discretization.

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