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 +<WRAP centeralign>​
 +/* do not put into content
 +======Statistics of OOFEM project======
 +<typo fs:200%; fw:​bold;>​Statistics of OOFEM project</​typo>​
 +[[http://​|Ohloh]] is a project that tracks open source
 +projects. It looks at source code, prepares metrics, and draws lots of
 +pretty graphs. It's great if you want to compare your favourite
 +languages, or see how a codebase changes over time, or see how often
 +you commit to various projects. It has ways of making friends and
 +rating people and projects. ​
 +The following statistics are provided by the Ohloh project.
 +===Basic Stats===
 +<​html><​script type="​text/​javascript"​ src="​http://​​p/​345317/​widgets/​project_basic_stats.js"></​script></​html>​
 +<​html><​script type="​text/​javascript"​ src="​http://​​p/​345317/​widgets/​project_factoids.js"></​script></​html>​
 +<​html><​script type="​text/​javascript"​ src="​http://​​p/​345317/​widgets/​project_languages.js"></​script></​html>​
 +Please consider telling you use OOFEM on the [[http://​|Ohloh]] site. Be cool
 +and join ohloh. Register and stack oofem. It makes the developers happy!\\
 +<​html><​script type="​text/​javascript"​ src="​http://​​p/​345317/​widgets/​project_users_logo.js"></​script></​html>​
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