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 +<WRAP centeralign>​
 +/* do not put into content
 +======Referencing OOFEM======
 +<typo fs:200%; fw:​bold;>​Referencing OOFEM</​typo>​
 +If you use OOFEM, and especially if you use it to accomplish real
 +work, I would like very much to hear from you. A short letter or email
 +describing how you use OOFEM will mean a lot to me. The more people I
 +know are using this program, the more easily I can justify spending
 +time on improvements that I hope will benefit you. 
 +**When referencing OOFEM in a publication,​ please cite at least one of the
 +following papers:**
 +  * B. Patzák. **OOFEM - an object-oriented simulation tool for advanced modeling ​ of materials and structures**. //Acta Polytechnica//,​ 52(6):​59--66,​ 2012.
 +  * B. Patzák and D. Rypl. **Object-oriented,​ parallel finite element framework with dynamic load balancing**. //Advances in Engineering Software//, 47(1):​35--50,​ 2012.
 +  * B. Patzák and Z. Bittnar. **Design of object oriented finite element code**. //Advances in Engineering Software//, 32(10--11):​759--767,​ 2001.
 +**In addition, you can also cite oofem web pages as** 
 +  * B. Patzák, **OOFEM project home page**. //​%%http://​,​ 2000.
 +BibTEX file with references is available [[en:​referencing_oofem_bibtex|here]].
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