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 notice will be put here. The most recent changes are listed notice will be put here. The most recent changes are listed
 first. first.
 +<WRAP oofeminfo round>
 +=====OOFEM training course=====
 + is announcing the autumn training course for
 +Ph.D. students, engineers, and researchers to
 +allow them to quickly acquire the knowledge and practical skills
 +necessary to employ OOFEM. ​
 +  * Course date: 16-18. September, 2019
 +  * Venue: Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
 +  * See [[en:​courses|Courses]] page for more information and registration
 +<WRAP oofeminfo round>
 +=====Research position in University of Zagreb=====
 +Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at University of Zagreb is looking for Research assistant to develop efficient methodology for FEM based structural analysis of marine structures in OOFEM.
 +More details in {{ :​en:​download:​asistent_remake_2018_eng_v9.pdf |leaflet}}.
 <WRAP oofeminfo round> <WRAP oofeminfo round>
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