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 +<WRAP centeralign>​
 +/* do not put into content
 +======OOFEM Manuals======
 +<typo fs:200%; fw:​bold;>​OOFEM Manuals</​typo>​
 +This page contain links to the latest versions of documents and papers
 +related to this software. Moreover, links to OOFEM course, other
 +related software programs, and other usefull tools are provided for
 +your convenience.  ​
 +====OOFEM Documents====
 +  * //**OOFEM: Input Data Format Specification**,​ available in [[http://​​resources/​doc/​oofemInput/​html/​oofemInput.html|HTML (online)]], [[http://​​resources/​doc/​oofemInput/​oofemInput.pdf|PDF]],​ and [[http://​​resources/​doc/​oofemInput/​|PostScript]].//​
 +  * //**Element Library Manual**, available in [[http://​​resources/​doc/​elementlibmanual/​html/​elementlibmanual.html|HTML (online)]], [[http://​​resources/​doc/​elementlibmanual/​elementlibmanual.pdf|PDF]],​ and [[http://​​resources/​doc/​elementlibmanual/​|PostScript]].//​
 +  * //​**Material Model Library Manual**, available in [[http://​​resources/​doc/​matlibmanual/​html/​matlibmanual.html|HTML (online)]], [[http://​​resources/​doc/​matlibmanual/​matlibmanual.pdf|PDF]],​ and [[http://​​resources/​doc/​matlibmanual/​|PostScript]].//​
 +  * //​**Extractor Input Data Format Specification**,​ available in [[http://​​resources/​doc/​extractorInput/​html/​extractorInput.html|HTML (online)]], [[http://​​resources/​doc/​extractorInput/​extractorInput.pdf|PDF]],​ and [[http://​​resources/​doc/​extractorInput/​|PostScript]].//​
 +  * //**OOFEM Programmer'​s manual**, available in [[http://​​resources/​doc/​programmer/​html/​programmer.html|HTML (online)]], [[http://​​resources/​doc/​programmer/​programmer.pdf|PDF]],​ and [[http://​​resources/​doc/​programmer/​|PostScript]].//​
 +  * //**The OOFEM reference manual** (including OOFEMlib) is available [[http://​​resources/​doc/​oofemrefman/​index.html|online here]].//
 +<​!--  ​
 +  * //​**OOFEMlib reference manual** is available [[http://​​resources/​doc/​oofemlibrefman/​index.html|online here]].//
 +====OOFEM Related papers====
 +  * B. Patzák: **OOFEM - an object-oriented simulation tool for advanced modeling ​ of materials and structures**. //Acta Polytechnica//,​ 52(6):​59--66,​ 2012.
 +  * B. Patzák and D. Rypl: **Object-oriented,​ parallel finite element framework with dynamic load balancing**. //Advances in Engineering Software//, 47(1):​35--50,​ 2012.
 +  * D. Rypl and B. Patzák: **From the finite element analysis to the isogeometric analysis in an object oriented computing environment**. //Advances in Engineering Software//, 44(1):​116--125,​ 2012. doi:​10.1016/​j.advengsoft.2011.05.032.
 +  * B. Patzak and D. Rypl: **Parallel adaptive finite element computations with dynamic load balancing**. //In B. H. V. Topping, L. F. Costa Neves, and R. C. Barros, editors, Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing//,​ Stirlingshire,​ United Kingdom, 2009. Civil-Comp Press. paper 114.
 +  * B. Patzak: **OOFEM: A parallel finite element toolkit**. //In B. H. V. Topping, editor, ​ CD-ROM Proceedings of the First International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing for Engineering//,​ Pecs, Hungary, 2009. Civil-Comp Press. ISSN: 1759-3433, ISBN: 978-1-905088-29-4.
 +  *R. Chamrová and B. Patzák: **Object-oriented programming and the extended finite-element method**.// Engineering and Computational Mechanics//,​ 163(EM4):​271--278,​ 2010.
 +  * B. Patzak and Z. Bittnar. ​ **OOFEM: An object oriented framework for finite element analysis**. //In B.H.V. Topping and C.A. Mota Soares, editors, ​ CD-ROM Proceedings of The Fourth International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology//,​ Lisbon, Portugal, 2004. Civil Comp Press.
 +  * B. Patzak and M. Jirasek: **Adaptive resolution of localized damage in quasibrittle materials**. //Journal of Engineering Mechanics Division ASCE//, 130:​720--732,​ 2004.
 +  * M. Jirasek and B. Patzak. **Consistent tangent stiffness for nonlocal damage models**. //Computers and Structures//,​ 80(14--15):​1279--1293,​ June, 2002.
 +  * B. Patzak,D. Rypl, and Z. Bittnar: **Parallel explicit finite element dynamics with nonlocal constitutive models**. //Computers and Structures//,​ 79 (26--28), 2287--2297, 2001.
 +  * B. Patzak and Z. Bittnar: **Design of object oriented finite element code**. //Advances in Engineering Software//, 32(10--11), 759--767, 2001.
 +See also the [[http://​​wiki/​doku.php?​id=publications|list of publications developped using OOFEM]] on [[http://​​wiki/​doku.php|OOFEM wiki]].
 +====OOFEM Course====
 +I have developed a short OOFEM course (given at EPFL Lausanne, UPM Madrid, Universidade Nova de Lisboa). The main topics covered by the course include:
 +  *  Introduction:​ general structure and features of OOFEM, available resources.
 +  *  OOFEM structure: overall design, design principles, detailed description of the key parts and corresponding underlying philosophy: engineering model - numerical method frame, material - cross_section - element frame, interface concept. Special focus on code extensibility.
 +  *  Installation:​ pre-requisites,​ compilation,​ testing.
 +  *  Using the code: input data format, running the code, postprocessing.
 +  *  Practical section: depends on participant'​s interests - implementation of specific part (material model, element) into the code, practical sessions, etc.
 +The presentation is available online -- [[http://​​resources/​oofemcourse/​index.html|here]].
 +====OOFEM Related software====
 +  * //​[[http://​​~dr/​t3d.html|T3d]]:​ Mesh generator written by [[http://​​~dr/​dr.html|Daniel Rypl]]//
 +  * //​[[http://​​petsc/​|PETSc]]:​ Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation//​
 +  * //​[[http://​​slepc/​|SLEPc]]:​ Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations//​
 +  * //​[[http://​​iml++/​|IML++]]:​ template library for numerical iterative methods//
 +  * //​[[http://​​|MayaVi]]:​ a free, easy to use scientific data visualizer//​
 +  * //​[[http://​|ParaView]]:​ Parallel Visualization Application//​
 +====Other useful tools====
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