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 +====== Terms and conditions ======
 +The course language is English. ​
 +====== Registration ======
 +Registration and payments for the training must be made no later than 2 months before the beginning of the course. Once the registration is submitted you will be sent an automated email confirming your reservation has been registered. ​ This email does not confirm that you are registered to attend the training. ​
 +The course capacity is limited to 25 participants. The applications will be treated on the first-come-first-served basis.
 +====== Cancellation ======
 +Cancellation must be received no later than one month (20 working days) before the beginning of the course. ​
 +The course no-shows are penalized at 100% course fee. Participant substitutions may be made at any time before a class begins, however we ask that you please contact our team as early as possible to process the changes.  ​
 +Courses may be canceled. ​ If the course is canceled, participants will be notified and the tuition will be refunded.
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